Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steam . Amazing . Everyday

Courtesy of Tumbler

Find it hard to believe it is the end of April and the Wisteria is in bloom. Most people asked if we named the company after Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane and the answer is "NO". Wisteria, the flower, starts out as a small vine and needs support to grow but once it takes root it is evasive and can grow for hundreds of years.....so you can see why we named our company Wisteria Cleaning. A metaphor for success! Today's blog is not about flowering wisteria... so onto the real topic of the day.

Recently, a few twitter friends tweeted me questions on how to resolve simple household problems. I am flattered when this happens, so thank you! But what really struck me was my answer to each question was the same...use a steamer.  I will tell you I am not being paid to endorse any steamers only relaying our experiences.

The virtues of using steam to clean your home are endless but I will give you a few facts.
  • Kills 99.98% of surface germs and bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly - you use only water
  • No cleaning products necessary
  • Cost for steamers are around $130 and will pay for themselves quickly
  • The list of what you can clean with a steam is only limited to your imagination 
Don't stop reading yet... let me make a believer out of you.

The tile entryway is in my sister Rosemarie's house and is about 5 years old. During this time she used traditional cleaning methods and products and the grout is discolored.


Now do have your attention? This is the same entryway after she used a handheld steamer. The grout is white again and the silver trim is even shinning. If you think she scrub awhile the answer is no.  Steam quickly loosens the dirt and grim and then wipe with a rag.

I swear this is my favorite use...because trying to get price stickers off of vases, mirrors, glasses or china has ruined many of good manicures. Steam will take the sticker right off and the adhesive too. 

Hand held steamers come with a variety of attachments. So I felt compelled to try each and every one.  I was a steaming machine! Window screens, gas grill, stove top, micro waive, glass window on oven door, glass shower door, bathroom tile, toilet seat and base, sliding glass door track, door knobs, tile floor and freshen drapery and pillows. Carpet - Steam will get rid of impression marks in carpet left from furniture or the Christmas tree stand. Hit with steam and fibers will pop back into place.

Steam cleaning is addictive and I rank it right up there with my IPhone and IPad. Can't live without them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter . Amazing . Everyday

Photo by Eddie Ross

The table setting is absolutely beautiful! I have a collection of blue and white dinnerware, a ton of blue and white vases and even have a tablecloth very similar to the one on the table. Makes me wish  I was hosting Easter Dinner for a quick minute. 

It also made me think...what I would do if I had the time. Women are faced with this dilemma everyday and time is our enemy. Recall a boss admitting she forgot to buy Easter candy for her daughter and remembered at 8:00 the night before. So planning a beautiful Easter table is not on most of our radar.

Should it be? I'll admit I am a sucker for the creative elegance of it all. When I host a dinner it is all about the details and drive myself crazy. May be the reason I do not do it more often. 

So if I had the time...

I would dig out my ceramic bunnies and spray paint them white...

This adorable trio would be sitting on my kitchen counter...

I would decoupage beautiful eggs for place settings...

Or  maybe these...

I would make this center piece to make my grandchildren smile...

I would buy make Italian Easter Bread...

I would tap into my creative energy and create an original center piece and share the how to's with all...If I had the time.

This year I will celebrate Easter with my family, wish my children and their families did not live hundreds of miles away and say a little prayer that all women find the middle ground between serving Easter dinner on paper plates and Royal Dalton China.

Happy Easter! 

Images and Inspiration Eddie Ross, Pottery Barn, Tumblr , Pinterest and the Italian Dish

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bedding . Amazing . Everyday

Oh! Does this bed make me want to hop under the covers and lay in the lap of luxury. The whole room screams serenity, romance and "Do I really have to get up to go to work".

If you notice the star of the show is the bed and the bedding! White on white and the texture on the comforter is the kicker. How you dress your bed creates ambiance and can change your mood just by walking into it.

Dressing the perfect bed is easy and can fit everyone's price range. Color choice is personal but I love white on white bedding. Love the serene, romantic and timeless look. You can add additional pieces to a white linen collection over time. Not necessary to have each piece matchy matchy. White is the easy color to remove stains so don't shy away!

Making a Bed

If you have an older mattress add a feather top mattress...you will not be sorry.

Sheets -I like cotton sheets and purchase the highest thread count I can afford but the feel is also important. So yes, I am the person who opens the pack of sheets for a feel test. If you try this be discreet. My favorite are Royal Velvet Antique Sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Place a fitted sheet on the box spring and mattress
  • Lay the top sheet with the decorative side facing down. 
  • Add a blanket perfect for the season and then fold the decorative part of the sheet over the top.
  • Add the comforter you love and a throw blanket on the foot of the bed.

Pillows! How many are too many? I am sure you have had a few complaints about the number of pillows on the bed. Experts recommend a Euro Sham, Standard Sham, Bed Pillow and a accent pillow not only for look but each has a purpose. Euro Sham is perfect for people who like to prop a pillow and read in bed. 

Now to finish off the spa treatment there is a few tricks. Wrinkles on pillow cases can be smoothed out with a spray bottle of water. Simply spritz and smooth. Add a few sprigs of lavender to the bottle and spritz the sheets...the scent will lull you to sleep.

And now a peek at a few inspiration rooms...

Adore the blue throw blanket...

Chandelier and gray walls....

I see a young girl feeling special while she dreams...

Love the doors and tile but would change the comforter...

Rustic and beachy at the same time...

When I grow up...

Thinking of painting the floors in my guest bedroom white....

Buying linens is not an everyday purchase and usually we only buy them when we redecorate our bedrooms. But for my money...just updating and making your bed special with the right linens and pillows will change your room...

Sleep Tight...

Inspiration and photos from Pottery Barn, Pinterest, Google Images and BHG