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Deep clean your kitchen: a guide

The kitchen is, now more than ever, the heart of the home, and with that lofty title comes the heavy foot traffic and mess that hides behind corners slowly building up into a shocking sight that would send even the cleanest of home owners running from shame.  It might seem like a huge task but deep cleaning your kitchen is good for your health and for your soul.
Roll up your shirt sleeves, put on your cleaning gloves and spend the day (gasp, yes probably a day) making your kitchen sparkle and shine just in time for the holiday season to arrive and messy it up again.

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How to clean your pantry in 5 simple steps

Peaking into someone’s pantry is a bit like peaking into a private diary of daily life, there is always a story to tell and not always one that you want everyone to read.  Like those candied gingers that you bought last Christmas but never had the time to create the magazine recipe that called for them; the hidden packets of ramen noodles that you swore you would never buy, but keep hidden away for emergencies; and the 17 tins of tomatoes that you buy each time you go the store because you can’t remember if you need them or not.  Cleaning out the pantry is not something people do often, but when it is done, it makes you feel fabulous and you can’t help but show it off …yes I have been know to be so delighted with my sparkling clean and orderly pantry that I could not help but ask a friend to “be a dear and hand me the sugar in the pantry, the bowl seems to be running low”.

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LEMONS. Amazing. Everyday.

Lemon tricks in the kitchen


Lemons can be stored in the refrigerator for about three weeks. I like to keep some in the fridge and some on my counter in a pretty room. They liven up the atmosphere. Out in room temperature the pretty yellow fruit will keep for a week or two. However, we use them a lot in our home and rarely do they have a chance to go bad on us!  


If you have a problem with your rice being too sticky a teaspoon or two of lemon juice added directly to the water will do the trick. Your rice will have the slightest lemon flavor to it. We liked it so much that we now add lemon as a seasoning to our rice at the table. I find it cuts down some on our salt intake!

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